What is Zorbing?

Born in New Zealand, Zorbing (also known as Sphereing, Orbing, Ball Rolling or Globe-Riding) is a new and ex-hill-erating adrenaline experience that involves hurtling down a hill in a HUGE inflatable double layered Zorbing ball!

Prepare yourself for a super fun, laughter filled, adrenaline pumping time, with maybe some screams thrown in the mix too!

It truly is an amazingly mad thrill which is so hard to explain and needs to be experienced to be believed on how good it really is.

Our Zorbing balls are custom built by the industry’s best manufacturer and are constructed with a polyurethane inner capsule suspended from thousands of nylon strings creating a safe 2-layered comfort zone inside.

Each of our 2 completely varied Zorbing ride types offer a completely different downhill experience, but they are all equally as awesome, with all being personal preference as to which is ‘better’ than the others.

All Rides take place on our purpose built Zorbing run, which has been professionally designed to be the perfect distance for downhill Zorbing – giving the ultimate adrenaline experience without being too much!

Although Zorbing may sound like something that would churn your stomach, it isn’t the case. Out of the hundreds of thousands of people that have Zorbed with us, becoming dizzy, lightheaded or feeling queasy post ride is incredibly rare – the body is surprisingly well equipped to Zorb and rightfully so!

Definitely have no fear! Our friendly staff are always on hand to talk you through your Zorbing experience every step of the way.